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Wirral Waters – the height of ambition

It was a beleaguered profession which arrived in Liverpool last weekend for the annual Planning Summer School.  We met beyond the iconic buildings and £multi-billion recent developments of the city centre, and the boarded up streets of Kensington’s stalled Housing Market Renewal Area, in the leafy surroundings of Hope University, a former teacher training college just up the hill from John Lennon’s childhood home of Mendips in Menlove Avenue.  But despite the optimistically named Fresh Hope cafeteria and Eden lecture theatre expectations of paradise were in pretty short supply.

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Reforming Planning – lessons from history

As parliament reassembles after its summer break, Planning reform is once again set to dominate the agenda.  After all the problems the Government had from the heritage lobby over the wording of the National Planning Policy Framework, I understand that George Osborne has decided that “if you can’t beat them join them”, and has asked for ideas from the History departments of all the Russell Group universities about how to free up Planning, and get the housing market working again.

A  mole inside Whitehall has passed me the Confidential Executive Summary of the Universities’ joint report, and here, exclusively, are some of the proposals.

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