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Wind Power – menace or marvel?

Wind power has had a rather mixed press lately.  More than 100 MPs signed a letter seeking a reduction in subsidies, and the Chairman of the National Trust told the Daily Telegraph that he regarded wind farms as a “menace”.  In December they provided 5% of our electricity.  But as the Government’s lead scenario is for renewable energy to meet 30% of our needs by 2020, we can expect a lot more of them.

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It’s the (impact of HS2 on the) economy, stupid

My previous blog post brought the entirely valid response that I do rather look at High Speed 2 through the southern end of the telescope. So when, last week, I was invited to be a panellist in a Guardian on-line discussion about the effects of the line on local economies I thought it would be an ideal opportunity for me to do some CPD.

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